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Italianavera tells a story, recounting a territory and its products. Through flavours or aromas of the past, these fruits of the earth take us back to the simplicity of the ritual gestures derived from ancient traditions. They describe Italy in all its facets, about Mum cooking and grandmother preparing Sunday lunch. And we tell of tomatoes, with style and humour. Because being Italian is a culture, a lifestyle, and the will to recount the simplicity of daily life made up of good things and imagination. An imagination that you can eat. The authentic Italian way. Italianavera.

There are moments in life when you realise that something has changed inside you. That it’s time to pursue your own dreams and passions. My passion for tomatoes started long ago, in my homeland. In San Marzano sul Sarno there is not only the family’s first company, but also my roots. There, I was lost in my thoughts as a child, in my desires as a woman and I dreamed that one day I would have created something that spoke about me. Because the red gold I had in my hands, so fragrant and intense, was true love for the good things. In fact my summers have always been very lively because of the harvest in the fields. The most important work was carried out by women, in choosing the best ripe fruits. I secretly watched these women, watched them getting to work and if I could , I would ask them some more information. I learned from them everything about this all female magical world and I owe all my success to them. Italianavera is more than a brand. It is passion, femininity. It is the story of a woman who has had the good fortune of being born among sprawling fields of tomatoes, in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Italy.

We want to convey to all our products the flavors of our territory while respecting its origins, the essence of the perfumes and seasonality. And above all, love, the only secret of contemporary Italian cuisine.

sugo naturale al tartufo nero
sizes 314g / 580g
There’s the perfume of fall, the one that tastes good, and it’s inside the new born from the house ITALIANAVERA. For true lovers of black truffle, we have created a recipe which guarantees a captivating balance of intense flavors. The truffle, with its aromatic flavor, combines with the best tomatoes, creating a delicious combination of tastes, so that you will be able to create refined dishes in a short time. A must? “Tagliolini” with our black truffle ragù !!!

(Italiano) sugo naturale agli ortaggi freschi di stagione
sizes 314g / 580g
Peppers, zucchini and handcrafted fresh eggplant all combined with the flavour of ripe tomatoes, creating a delicious vegetarian sauce. ITALIANAVERA pays a lot of attention to the evolution of taste sand the new food trends: for this reason it has combined all the taste of the most beloved vegetables, creating a tasty and perfumed sauce which will help you to prepare a delicious, colorful and healthy first dish. We have dedicated this sauce to Vegan and Vegetarian people.

al basilico
natural tomato sauce with fresh basil
sizes 314g / 580g
The Italianavera tomato sauce with fresh basil is a natural sauce prepared with the best Italian tomatoes, high quality extra virgin olive oil and lots of freshly picked basil. It has a delicate taste but with personality and lends itself to excellent first courses, but it can also be a base to season meats and bruschetta. It is very digestible and suitable for small children too. It is bottled in glass in order to guarantee freshness for a long time. Its aroma evokes the smells of the past when our mother used to prepare the tomato sauce in the kitchen for the whole family.

mamma mia
sizes 314g / 580g
Mamma mia sauce is a natural tomato sauce with fresh eggplants, cut and processed by hand, extra virgin olive oil and a touch of freshly picked basil. We called it this way because when you taste it you can’t help exclaiming, mamma mia!, due to its delicate, but characterful taste. A classic Italian recipe from Sicily revived in gourmet version with the taste of fresh eggplants. A sauce that sets no limits to imagination and which presents a versatility for dishes that makes it suitable for dishes like baked pasta, lasagna, or even simple striped macaroni, baked penne with provola cheese etc..

sizes 314g / 580g
Aulive and Chiapparriell is a natural tomato sauce made with the best black olives from Gaeta and IGP capers from Pantelleria. It’s a typical recipe of Naples, known as Puttanesca, named using its original name: aulive and chiappariell, i.e. olives and capers. To the black pearl of Italian olives, the most prestigious in cookery, one that provides a touch of class, worked "au naturel" we added the salted capers from Pantelleria. Their aromatic scent, combined with our sauce, adds a unique flavor to a traditional recipe that requires a simple process, but that needs also good natural ingredients.

sizes 314g / 580g
Audace means bold, because it has courage. Bold, because it dares. Bold, because it is passionate. It combines the taste of ripe tomatoes with the exciting taste of finely chopped chillies and it is cooked in extra-virgin olive oil and fresh garlic. A balance of passionate flavours and the right level of heat for the original, simple and intensely flavourful Roman recipe. A sauce to taste with your friends and for a touch of liveliness even on the greyest days.

crema di funghi e tartufo nero
size 106
There’s the perfume of fall, the one that tastes good, and it’s inside the newborn from the house ITALIANAVERA. Fresh champignon mushrooms blend with summer black truffle in order to create a rich and delicious cream. A captivating taste to try wherever you want: breasticks or toasted bread, but also in a gourmet hamburger, so that you will enhance the flavour of the meat.

classica peperoni e melanzane
size 106g
It is an intensely savory fresh cream with the right amount of kick. A must in traditional Italian cuisine, prepared exclusively with seasonal vegetables. With a traditional flavour and a perfect texture, we present the version to be spread on toasted crusty bread, fresh bread, bread sticks or white bread. Ideal for tasty and imaginative aperitifs, it evokes the taste of preserves prepared by our grandmothers during the summer. It is like preserving the taste of summer in a jar.

size 106g
This cream is created from a careful selection of black and green olives, capers and anchovies. It is a typical recipe of Provence, known as tapenadeand that we have renamed decisa ( with a captivating flavor ) for its flavour full of character, but delicate and delicious at the same time. Extra virgin olive oil and gourmet ingredients make this recipe unique: a reinterpretation of a delicious Italian puree, ideal for dressing crostini or bruschetta, or as an accompaniment for fish dishes, pasta and eggs. A versatile and perfect dressing for the true connoisseur.

piccantina ai peperoncini piccanti e pomodori
size 106g
It is the combination of the two main ingredients of Italian tradition: chilli, the fiery red ones, and sun-dried tomatoes, those tasty and delicate, of top quality. Ground and blended with our finest extra virgin olive oil. A delicious and unique balance to be served on crackers, croutons and savoury focaccia, to accompany vegetables or to be used as a stuffing. A spicy and captivating taste to dress our moments of relaxation with a touch of euphoria.

size peso netto 520g / sgocciolato 338g
The San Marzano tomato is the father of all tomatoes. It reminds me of past flavors, when I was a child and my father used to take me to the fields before the harvest. This is a tribute to the father of all tomatoes. And, above all, it’s a tribute to my father.

size peso netto 520g / sgocciolato 290g
Vesuviello is the emblem of the real Vesuvian and Neapolitan tradition, the tradition you can also see in the famous Neapolitan Christmas cribs. Vesuviello is grown on the Vesuvius national park, 300 meters above the sea level, in a land rich in minerals. According to the legend, its heart shaped and its red color derive from Vesuvius small drops of lava that gave it color, life and strength. The Vesuviello tomato reminds you of Naples, its traditions and its unique flavors.

size peso netto 520g / sgocciolato 290g
Characterized by a bright golden yellow colour, “pummarulella” belongs to the variety “giagiu”, traditionally cropped in Campania, in the shadow of Vesuvius. The Vesuvian lands, are known for their lava soil, composed of minerals that give the soil such unique properties, to generate healthy products with an original flavor. Its color is reminiscent of Naples in a sunny summer day and its flavor reminds the traditional italian tastes. This tomato, rich in vitamins and pectin, grants a soft and pasty sauce made of natural juice. It is suitable to create many dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine, including fish and seafood.

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Tuttofood Fiera Milano 3-6 Maggio 2017
Vi aspetto al Tuttofood – Padiglione 10 stand G35A, Milano Fiera, 8/11 maggio 2017
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